Jeff Davidoff, President, Walton Isaacson


Over more than a year Ned and I collaborated to develop strategic messaging that conveys a clear, consistent voice for Heartland Alliance, a large and complex domestic and international organization. I saw Ned lead this work from a few basic ideas to a full-on, dynamic web and social media presence. What he created was accessible, poetic, and calibrated for critical audiences.

I came to understand that Ned’s love of powerful language and messaging began in the public relations and press environments where he grew up, led him to a writing degree, and has carried him right up to now. It shows in his writing and messaging abilities, and in the ways he thinks and speaks.

What’s more, Ned has and ability to bring powerful ideas to a group of executives that share a common vision, but that may not always agree on the way forward. He knows how to engage them with those ideas and lead them to the common ground. Ned is a true thought partner, who loves to collaborate, and bring powerful ideas to life through key messaging, and visually and electronically. I look forward to creative sessions with Ned, whenever we get the chance again.