Kandyse McCoy Cunningham, Director, Property Management, Heartland Housing

Ned knows how to give words life – and that’s because he’s a very strategic thinker, brilliant at crafting strategic messaging, and always throws in an appropriate amount of poetry.

My field, supportive housing, is very rewarding, but can also be very challenging. We see people really thrive, but things sometimes go wrong when you have large numbers of units across a city like Chicago, and in two other states. While Ned was the Director of External Relations for Heartland Alliance I knew that I only had to make one call when I needed a thoughtful communications approach – and that call was always to him.

Though he is in a different role now I still make that call. I do it because he has a special gift for listening carefully, weighing the situation with me, and writing something that nails it. He also has a way of knowing my voice and shaping the ideas so they are right for me, and so that I speak with confidence.

These skills, combined with his down-to-earth style, charm, and gentle sense of humor, make him a real joy to work with.