Mary Kay Gilbert, Chief Growth Officer, Heartland Health, Inc.

Mary Kay Gilbert, Heartland Health, Inc.

Ned has this amazing positive energy that brings out the best in everyone he interacts with -- and that translates into great internal communications. I’ve watched him with envy as he "worked his magic " with an elevator full of blurry-eyed team members heading to work. He’ll personally greet each person and cause a complete energy shift that includes smiles and laughter, and a great start to the workday.

This all comes from the heart and translates into effective working relationships. Then when it comes time for Ned to lead an internal communications approach, he fully understands his audience and knows how to craft key messages that will hit a home run. This is a special talent in the complex worlds of healthcare and very large organizations.

I always look forward to working with Ned on projects, regardless of the level of challenge. He knows how to bring truly creative ideas, tough questions, and an understanding of his internal market. Ned is one of those "one in a million " people that positively influences their work environment for the better, making hard work less difficult, and delivering key messages that are heard and understood.