Sarah sommers, Principal, Sarah Sommers Graphic Design


As the principal of a graphic design firm based in Chicago I get to work on exciting projects with some of the city’s leading talents. Ned Schaub is one of those people. He loves the creative exchange, asks the hard questions, and works with his team to find the answers. He also pushes those he works with, and himself, toward world-class visual presentation that makes powerful ideas pop graphically.

It’s true that he’s often been the lead writer and director, but he likes exchanges in which he trades places with his counterparts in order to explore the possibilities. The writer and communications director that asks me to fully understand and explore the ideas, and to take a position on them is fairly rare. I feel like the end result is impactful design – and a process that is gratifying for all involved. Ned is also a strong manager when it comes to deadlines and budget – including making sure that I have what I need, when I need it, to get the job done, and that I get paid on time.

But, what’s more, I know that he really respects my work and me by the way he acts and what he says. I’m grateful for our ongoing collaboration.